Pool Demolition in Victoria

Pool Demolition Victoria

Pool Demolition Victoria

Swimming pools can be very tiresome and expensive to maintain. For instance, regular chemical balancing is necessary to keep the water both swimmable and visually satisfactory. Costly equipment like pumps, filters, chlorinators/salt generators, and pool sweep cleaners are needed to keep the pool running.

Due to wear and tear, these pieces can require regular repairs or even replacements. Swimming pool vinyl liners fade, and plaster can crack and crumble with pressure and age.

Pools that are not properly maintained can become a risk of liability. Most counties have specific codes regarding pool maintenance to ensure environmental safety. Many home insurances and homeowner associations have some requirements as well to preserve the value of the pool and property. If the shell of the swimming pool is not maintained, it can eventually leak. It can increase your water usage, and possibly result in damages to the surrounding lawn or deck area.

Our Swimming Pool Removal Service

One approach to reducing the risks involved with swimming pool removal is by hiring a professional demolition and excavation company. Victoria Demolition Inc. is a swimming pool demolition and removal expert.

What We Do

  • In-Ground Swimming Pool Removal
  • Gunite Pool Removal
  • Concrete Shell Pool Removal
  • Fiberglass Swimming Pool Removal
  • Vinyl Pool Removal
  • Artificial Pond Removal
  • Tiled Pool Removal

Our Process Of Pool Removal:

The primary pool removal process begins by removing loose items, and pool surrounds. Then we break the pool using heavy tools. The debris is gathered and hauled away. Finally, the hole is filled in with fresh dirt to complete the project. We shall even grade the site, so it is ready for grass seed.

There are two basic methods to remove an inground swimming pool: partial pool removal and full pool removal. Here is a brief explanation of each:

❖    Partial Pool Removal

When Victoria Demolition Inc. provides partial pool removal services, we employ heavy machinery to break up the walls of the swimming pool into small pieces. Then, we back-fill the hole with fresh dirt to cover all the debris. Then a new lawn can be installed. Victoria Demolition Inc. also provides lawn furnishings and hydroseeding.

Partial pool demolition is a cost-effective way of removing your inground swimming pool; but, it may not be the best option if you plan to build any structure on that part of the property. With time, the pieces of broken up pool debris below the ground can shift and make it less stable.

❖    Full Pool Demo & Removal

Victoria Demolition Inc. also delivers full pool demolition and fill-in services. It involves a complete pool removal by breaking up the pool sides and bottom and removing all the debris from the hole. We use fresh dirt to fill the empty part unless you plan to have a new pool installed. It is the best option for the building because it gives you a solid base. It is the most preferred way to demolish a swimming pool.

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